Miller is showing the problems that go along with confessing and calling out others without having anything to back it up.. We'll look at an extract from Act 3 (pages 103-105 in the 2000 Penguin Classic edition). This is the moment where the authority of the court and the validity of the.... Hale asks some questions about the "Christian character" of the house. He asks why the Proctors don't often go to church, and why only two of their three sons.... by A Miller Cited by 648 The Crucible by Arthur Miller. ... The Crucible is based on real events that took place in. Salem ... Proctor, simplya pure question: What would you have me do?. QUESTION 5. 0 5 . 1 You are designing a costume for PROCTOR to wear in a performance of this extract. The costume must reflect the context of 'The Crucible',.... Higher tier. Read the extract then answer the following question. How does Arthur Miller create mood and atmosphere for an audience here? Refer closely to the.... At least one of these must be a passage-based question (marked *). ... ARTHUR MILLER: The Crucible ... Support your ideas with details from the extract. Or.. by A Miller Cited by 4 ELIZABETH: Question Abigail Williams about the Gospel, not myself! PROCTOR: She do not mean to doubt the Gospel, sir, you cannot think it. This is a Christian... 538a28228e










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